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Our latest products: System MB1

Inspired by slim-format, welded steel furniture of modernity, for our first product MB1 we set the premise to combine true modularity with formal and constructive rigor, and wanted to explore the structural limits feasible with the material wood. To implement maximum freedom and simplicity in design was a challenge: The result is a simple, grid-based, long-lasting and modular furniture system, that comprises four basic components: Colored powder coated aluminum connectors, oak wood sticks, HPL-coated colored MDF inlays/-walls, and small studs as a support or stop. The connection principle is based on a clamping action, where the oak sticks are fitted in the connectors loosely at 45 degrees, and fixed with a final 45 degree turn. However, this simplicity requires great precision and high quality of the individual components; in finding suitable timber, which could meet the necessary static and mechanical requirements, we discovered the well-known supplier Thoma from Austria and their oak moonwood, which proved its superior quality in numerous comparative tests. Due to its ease of use and the underlying grid, the system can be customized to meet the most varied living situations: Anyone can design his own furniture in shape and color from scratch, or modify existing presets on personal requirements. Once acquired, MB1 furniture can easily be expanded or rebuilt if necessary, and is therefore an ideal, permanent, long-lasting and loyal companion. MB1 components are handcrafted and processed on modern, computer-controlled machines in northern Germany. Each of our oak moonwood sticks with its characteristic vein and beautiful structures is a wonderful to touch unique item.

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MB1 - How our modular furniture system works

Call me modern, please … I could be a lot. And I can transform and adapt, like the people of today, who perhaps have a more frequent desire to relocate than our grandparents did : Modern! I will not be purchased for a specific task, and if I can no longer meet it, end up in the trash. I am convertible and reusable: Modern! I will be designed and built by you, because you know best what you need: Modern! So why don’t you call me: Modern? Click one of the images in order to understand how to work with MB1.