About us

At the end, personality, the totality of influences, and the individual career determine creative output. Seeing it that way, with the two founders of the Hamburg based furniture design label MATTHEWBJARNE, as in so many modern working lifes, one finds serpentine lines, who in meandering detours over some considerable difficulties finally reach their destination. But this has always been a connecting line for the two long-time friends Björn Matthias and Felix Wiesner: The endurance to reach their destination in matters of the heart. If there is a learning beyond formal aspects of daily work throughout the years, considered as essentially important, then it is this: That the quality of daily work and the spent lifetime must be measured especially in terms of: Respect, social awareness, authenticity and friendship. And so, as both have learned in the interpersonal, beyond all individual differences and conflicts, to recognize and value this essential basis, it can also be found in their work and the design principle of the modular furniture system MB1: The potential and the call for individual diversity, that does justice to the most varied situations and characters.

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Our Philosophy

With MATTHEWBJARNE, we would like to establish an authentic brand, that embodies the concepts of quality , sustainability , innovation and style. We want fair and comprehensible prices for our products and , without unnecessary intermediate stages in the sales process , deliver the purchase as soon as possible to our customers.