MATTHEWBJARNE HOMESTORIES portrays different people, who bought one of our products, in their environment and at home. Therefor we have put together a few questions, we find interesting and relevant.

Where do you currently live and what´s your job? In Hamburg, Rotherbaum, in a renovated old workers house, with my wife and 5 children, and I am part of the start-up MATTHEWBJARNE.


Please tell us about your career, and which important insights you have gained from the different stations? I have basically tried a lot. Always with much joy and enthusiasm. This corresponds to my nature. I’m open to everything and try to learn my own lessons out of it. I think we only find our real calling / life logic / love that way. I studied biology, was part of a band, have worked as a graphic designer, co-founded a videostock platform and managed an interactive content agency, before I ended up in furniture design.


How do you want to live in two years from now on?  Unchanged! Healthy, happy and in love with my family in Hamburg.


What´s your attitude towards consumtion and products?  I like consuming! But I have gradually changed my consumer behavior over the past 10 years. Locality, globality, sustainability, justice, ethics and environmental protection are terms I have always on my mind when buying nowadays. Due to global entanglements to always do right in that respect is quite difficult, though . An Arte TV- documentary about the textile industry in Bangladesh adresses all these implications pretty good. Highly recommended!


Which company impresses you and why? Andreas Dreymann, a Demeter meat merchand who started business almost 15 years ago, with little response in the beginning, and now beeing established at the weekly markets in Hamburg. He´s a good proof that efficiency in ecological agriculture and the pursuit of idealistic goals are not inconsistent. On top of it, Andreas is authentic, empathetic, and sells the best meat available. For most things I consume, I picked brands that accompany me for a long time. For example, Acne for clothes, certain designers for furniture, music, etc.


What´s your understanding of “optimal living”? Dwelling at your family´s place should be a very honest thing. When I get home, I want to be surrounded by things that I can really appreciate on a day to day basis.


How do you want to live, if you no longer have to work? In Sardinia, in our holidayhouse at the Costa Rei. April until September. Otherwise near our children, so that we don´t lose contact.


What are the things you have a great passion for, and which aspects of it do you find particularly fascinating? Any form of devotion fascinates me. For me, it is always a result emerging from a lot of love …


What makes you laugh? The kangaroo chronicles, my children and me myself.


Can you recommend a book or music that you have been particularly enthusiastic about? Decade by Neil Young. I became a fan because of that album. At that time, to me it was a revelation and then unknown form of devotion.


What beliefs or certainties are particularly important to you?  Everything is SUPER!