MATTHEWBJARNE HOMESTORIES portrays different people, who bought one of our products, in their environment and at home. Therefor we have put together a few questions, we find interesting and relevant.

Where do you currently live and what´s your job?  I live with my family in a small village close by the Baltic Sea; I am self-employed with a company for furniture design.


Please tell us about your career, and which important insights you have gained from the different stations? I originally studied architecture. Starting with 3D visualization of competition designs at one point, I happend to become a character- animator, what I’ve done about 10 years. Lately, the circle closed again with my own furniture company, that has a lot to do with the technical aspects and design process of architecture. Over the years, I always found it important to let myself be guided by my gut instinct and passion in my decisions, and so far, I don´t have any major regrets. I think, that you can only keep the necessary energy, driving force and vitality, if you don´t let yourself be carried away too much by security thoughts. In critical moments I found it helpful, to take a calm look at my inner self, so that I could appropriately behave to what I found.


How do you want to live in two years from now on? Independent, with my family, in a peaceful, natural environment at the sea.


What´s your attitude towards consumtion and products? I refuse consumption as a self purpose and entertainment. But I love well-designed, functional and durable products, and I like to purchase them, when really needed. In that case I am also willing to pay a higher price. In general I think, we should produce fewer low quality, short-lived products, that end up in the trash too quickly, polluting the environment, and urge the people to new purchases.


Which company impresses you and why? Patagonia, for example. This company has taken up the mission to produce the absolute best product in their respective segment, while pursuing a maximum possible, sustainable and environmentally conscious production. I’m also quite into the the activities, for which the company produces equipment. Overall, for me it is also a very authentic brand with a great history and charismatic figures.


What´s your understanding of “optimal living”? Inside: functionality in the individual living areas, timeless, simple design, a little pop appeal, only a little amount of accumulated junk. Outside: living in a natural, stress-free environment with good neighbors.


How do you want to live, if you no longer have to work? In Portugal at the Algarve, on a beautiful piece of land, with like-minded friends, with organically grown fruits and vegetables from our own garden, much time for reading, listening to music, surfing, good wine and good conversations.


What are the things you have a great passion for, and which aspects of it do you find particularly fascinating? Board sports, especially skateboarding and surfing, in its different variations. I love the independence and freedom, as well as beeing close to nature. It preseves a little bit of childhood, because it is basically like functional-free playing. You can push the limits over and over again. I like the independent subculture related to it, rather than the commercial side, the realm is pretty vast and exciting. It also helps in taking a different perspective on what you´re supposed to deem important and desirable by society.


What makes you laugh? It´s sort of a weird sense of humor, which is somewhat difficult to grasp. I have found that, for example, in the books written by Halldor Laxness. Further, the slapstick nonsense of Helge Schneider, or cartoons like Bob’s Burger.


Can you recommend a book or music that you have been particularly enthusiastic about? Bruce Lipton “The Biology of Belief”.


What beliefs or certainties are particularly important to you? Everything is connected, we can only prosper and suceed collectively, with mutual respect and caring. The encompasses all living things.