MB1 assembly instructions

You can assemble a piece of MB1 furniture in many ways; however, it helps to consider a few simple principles: do not fix sticks standing at a 90° angle to each other first. Otherwise you’ll run into problems closing whole frames. For a horizontal frame, fit together the sticks and the connectors loosely, lying on the floor. Finally tighten stick after stick with a 45° turn (you can deploy our MB1 tool for that, although it’s not necessary). Think in horizontal frames from bottom to top: always fix a horizontal frame first, then plug in the vertical sticks loosely in the connectors at a 45° angle, then set the next fixed horizontal frame on top. After that, tighten the vertical sticks. When inserting the side walls, you must be aware, that the inlays could drop out, if larger weights or forces are applied in one direction, as they are not held with screws, but with magnets. Insert the walls from the opposite side to the support pins, from which you expect the largest horizontal force (heavy books, children who might want to lean on). If you want to secure a wall against horizontal forces from both sides, you need to insert panels from both sides. Inlay floors must always be inserted in the frame onto the support pins from the top, never clip it in from underneath, they might drop out! Finally please note, if you have any questions or are unsure of any issue, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you out at any time!