MB1 connection stick

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MB1 oak moonwood connection stick, cross-section 2.5 x 2.5 cm, length selectable. Each stick with its characteristic vein and structure is a unique piece. Please note: The lengths S50- S90 get one additional drillhole, the lengths S103- S130 two additional drillholes for support studs. When ordering, please tell us via the comment field, where you need the holes (ie on which side a floor rests or a wall stands). If you are unsure about this, please call us or send us an email at hello@matthewbjarne.de!




S11 (10.55 cm), S24 (23.80 cm), S37 (37.05 cm), S50 (50.30 cm), S64 (63.55 cm), S77 (76.80 cm), S90 (90.05 cm), S103 (103.30 cm), S117 (116.55 cm), S130 (129.80 cm)



Product Grid System and technical drawing.

Stick Lengths

MB1 Grid Dimensions


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