MATTHEWBJARNE HOMESTORIES portrays different people who bought one of our products in their environment and at home. Therefor we have put together a few questions, we find interesting and relevant.

Where do you currently live and what´s your job? My family and I live on the outskirts of Hamburg on a farm with horses – Besides that, I have a second place in my hometown Zurich.


Please tell us about your career, and which important insights you have gained from the different stations? I initially studied economics in Switzerland and have a doctorate degree in this discipline. To be more grounded in “reality”, I then switched to a US business consultancy and first settled down in Düsseldorf and later in the USA. After establishing a start-up in Silicon Valley I headed back to Switzerland to work in the field of management and financing of SMEs. Meanwhile, I have started my own business in this area. In every employment, in every place and with all kind of different people, it always proved to be true, that honesty and integrity prevail.


How do you want to live in two years from now on? Hamburg is a great city, and we feel comfortable here with our family, our friends and our work. However, I find the winter quite unbearable, so I am looking for a second home for 2-3 of the winter months.


What´s your attitude towards consumtion and products? Consumption should give pleasure – but should not cause excessive costs for nature or future generations. Corresponding principles must be considered in the production of goods and implemented in the respective laws.


Which company impresses you and why? Companies are too impersonal to impress me. I’m impressed by people who are true to their principles in any situation, even if the consequences (at least temporarily) may be negative for them. You can find these people everywhere. Insofar I ´m impressed by companies that attract these people.


What´s your understanding of “optimal living”? To have a residential atmosphere, which provides for a positive mood for the whole family – if other people are impressed by it is irrelevant to us.


How do you want to live, if you no longer have to work? Just like now, otherwise I would want to change it – Carpe Diem!


What are the things you have a great passion for, and which aspects of it do you find particularly fascinating? To help people to achieve their goals – but only if I can truly champion their ideas. Inspire our children on the one hand to be personalities, and on the other hand to position themselves professionally in the intersection of “what is fun”, “what am I good at” and “what does the market need”.


What makes you laugh? Intelligent questioning of (oldfashioned or generally accepted) ways of thinking/ beliefs.


Can you recommend a book, music or film that you have been particularly enthusiastic about? Films by Monty Python.

What beliefs or certainties are particularly important to you? Question everything and look closely for the true reasons of behavior.